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Giving to the Academy 

Agape Christian Fellowship maintains and oversees the CoH Academy.

Financial Partnership


Partnerships may exist between two organizations for financial purposes. Our church is not registered as a 501(c)3 to prevent censorship by the government, however donations are still tax deductible according to the US Constitution. For more details, CLICK HERE to read about churches and 501(c)3s.

Under God's direction, Lynn Hardy created a 501(c)3 to partner with us: Agape Assistance Association. This company supports non-profits who help the homeless. 100% of online donations are received by the 501(c)3, who will then give them to ‘Agape Christian Fellowship’ for management of the church and the development of a program to help the homeless in the event of a world-wide crisis: the Agape Emergency Shelter project.

Ways to Give


Offerings for the Academy are accepted:

  • Without any fees: PayPal Giving Fund for those that have a Paypal Account 

  • With a Credit Card: PayPal

  • Internationally if your country doesn't not allow Paypal, you can use QGIV. 

  • Checks can be sent to Agape Christian Fellowship

  • Via an Agape Team Member in your local area (Click on your countries flag below for bank information).


Cash or checks for tithes, offering , donations can be sent to:

Agape Christian Fellowship

PO BOX 234

Star, ID  83669

Please be tell us if it is for a specific person.

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With no Fees

PayPal Giving Fund

This is temporarily unavailable!

Credit Card

To use a credit card at PayPal, use this link

Lynn Hardy

Mail in love gifts and offerings for spiritual wisdom and books:
Lynn Hardy
PO Box 234
Star, ID  83669
Or give online:

Offerings for Elders

Love gifts and offerings for spiritual wisdom for elders who have helped you in some way can be given directly to them at our church website: 

Agape Christian Fellowship

Other International Giving

International Giving without Paypal is done through Qgiv.

Or fill out the form below

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