CoH Courses


Some of the testimonies of complete healing are from people who didn't acquire it in the Courts of Heaven. No prayer was necessary, only applying what they learned in this Academy! For this reason, we ask that you complete the first two Court Courses at the Academy about the Courts of Heaven before scheduling an intercession. If you are under an attack that keeps you from moving forward with your classes, an appointment  may be scheduled with an Academy Advisor after attending the Academy Advisor meeting. This mature Christian will listen to the Holy Spirit and see if intercession is necessary.


Unless you are being hindered from completing classes, you will need to continue in courses 101, 201, 301, and 401 before receiving intercession where you may receive charges in the Courts, should the Lord request that we enter.

The CoH Academy will guide you through the scriptures so that you can grow in the ways of God. This school includes the following:


  • You will have several discussions with Agape Team Members who have completed the Academy classes about the material so that questions can be addressed.

  • You will attend training visits to the Courts so you can learn by experience.

  • After completing the training and classes, you will receive a CERTIFICATE for completing the training.


​Each of the components necessary to function in the Courts is broken down into courses to assure that you understand that section and are able to build upon what you know. There are courses based solely on topics and information needed to function in the Courts:

101 - Courts of Heaven Foundations


There is fundamental information that you will need before you begin learning about operating in the Courts of Heaven. Based on scripture, these truths will lay a solid foundation for the other courses in the CoH Academy.

201 - Remaining Free in the Courts of Heaven


There are several aspects of our authority from God that the enemy closely watches to see if we violate those boundaries. Such a breach allows Satan access to God’s children and will greatly hinder our work in the Courts of Heaven. These strategies of the enemy were discovered in the thousands of visits to the Courts. This second course helps shut the doors that one may have unwittingly opened, potentially allowing a means for the enemy to wreak havoc.

301 - Receiving Charges in the Courts of Heaven


To operate effectively in the CoH we must know what the enemy is using against us. Satan will try to block us from achieving this intel. Discover in this third workbook what may be hindering you from seeing and hearing in the Courts, how to identify some of the manipulation of the enemy, and how to ask for charges against you. This allows us to discover what some of the enemy tactics are so that we can receive victory over them.


401 - Removing Charges in the Courts of Heaven


Once we have the charges, this fourth workbook will show you what to do with them to remove the enemy’s access to one’s life. Learn about the consequences of not handling them correctly and why sickness, infirmities and attacks sometimes return. 


The information in each course is to be studied in sequence because it builds upon the knowledge given in previous classes. In school, most students must take Algebra 1 before advancing to Algebra 2. They need the principles learned to complete work in the higher class. Though some of the teachings in the first course may be a review for you, there may be a few facts you need to review as you continue into the deeper levels of understanding.

These classes must be done in proper order. A password is needed for course selections 201, 301, and 401. When you complete all the classes in the previous section and have had your Discussion with an Agape Team Member, the password for the next section will then be given to you.



The basic principles you will need before you begin learning how to operate in the Courts of Heaven. 

Removing the most common forms of attacks from the enemy revealed to us through the Courts of Heaven

How to receive charges in the Courts. What does it look like when the enemy tries to interfere?

Once we receive information about what is against us, how do we appropriate all that Jesus has done for us.