Colors can play a crucial role in any dream. The total absence of color may indicate it is an enemy dream which can be identified due to the lack of color, and will normally be very memorable. If you don’t remember anything about color that is a different matter; it just means colors are not needed for the interpretation.


The quality of the color, whether it is bright or dingy, tarnished or shiny, will help determine if the meaning is positive or negative. Also, the proportion and usefulness of the item will speak to which definition to use. If the item is out of proportion and hindered in its usefulness, then the meaning may be negative. 


Like most dream items, colors have a positive and a negative meaning. These meanings apply to people as well. God created humanity with a beautiful variety of colors. Man used this diversity to cause division and strife instead of embracing the beauty of each unique race. 


I have heard a story of angels appearing in different countries who look like the people of that land; African, Asian, Indian, and so on. The way God created each race is intentional and beautiful and something we should celebrate. For this reason, I will place the different races that are most commonly associated next to the colors as well. 


(American Indian/First Nations People, Indigenous)


Positive – wisdom, calling, power, redemption, love         


Negative – anger, war, destruction, lust


(Not to be confused with blood), sin that leads to death



Positive – revelation, communion             


Negative – emotional lows: depression, sorrow, anxiety


Positive – growth, prosperity, consciousness, healing   

Negative – envy, jealousy, pride



(Indian - India)

Positive – compassion, humility, pastoral nurturing   


Negative – compromise, humanism



Positive – glory, holiness, hallowed        

Negative – greed, idolatry, defilement, licentiousness



Positive – authority, royalty                         

Negative – false authority, ungodly authority



Positive – persistence, perseverance              


Negative – stubbornness



Positive – redemption, grace 


Negative – legalism





Positive – hope, mind    


Negative – fear, lack of courage, cowards, intellectual pride



Positive – childlike, love of God. Also a mixture of red & white: anointing from righteousness


Negative – childishness    


Positive – maturity, honor, wisdom               

Negative – sadness, weakness, impending death




Positive – righteousness, holiness          


Negative – religious spirit




Positive – mysteries of God, the unknown    


Negative – sin, darkness, spiritual darkness, famine, evil