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About Us

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The Academy is a free online school which is operated by Agape Christian Fellowship Church. Much of the material is based on the Believers’ Boot Camp series by Lynn Hardy, which gives a brief overview of four topics to help Christians discover the means to prevent attacks from satan and his minions and to help you have a deeper relationship with God. While many in the Body of Christ have received these revelations with joy, some were unable to appropriate the freedom God had for them because they could neither see nor hear in the Courts of Heaven. 

Urged by God, a “Courts of Heaven Academy - Worldwide” Facebook group was created shortly after publishing the books. In its first year, volunteers able to see and hear in the spirit were trained to help others enter the Courts, which resulted in more than 2,000 visits to the throne of God. Through these visits, many were healed and set free from debilitating setbacks such as stage-four cancer and home foreclosures. 

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Core Classes

In order to teach others how to clearly hear from the Holy Spirit and take their rightful place in His Courts, the Lord had us create a free online school to share what we learned through these Courts of Heaven visits. The core courses on the Courts of Heaven include:

101 - Courts of Heaven Foundations


There is fundamental information that you will need before you begin learning about operating in the Courts of Heaven. Based on scripture, these truths will lay a solid foundation for the other courses in the CoH Academy.

201 - Remaining Free in the Courts of Heaven


There are several aspects of our authority from God that the enemy closely watches to see if we violate those boundaries. Such a breach allows Satan access to God’s children and will greatly hinder our work in the Courts of Heaven. These strategies of the enemy were discovered in the thousands of visits to the Courts. This second course helps shut the doors one may unwittingly open, potentially allowing a means for the enemy to wreak havoc.

301 - Receiving Charges in the Courts of Heaven


To operate effectively in the CoH we must know what the enemy is using against us. Satan will try to block us from achieving this intel. Discover in this third workbook what may be hindering you from seeing and hearing in the Courts, how to identify some of the manipulation of the enemy, and how to ask for charges against you. This allows us to discover what some of the enemy tactics are so that we can receive victory over them.


401 - Removing Charges in the Courts of Heaven


Once we have the charges, this fourth workbook will show you what to do with them to remove the enemy’s access to one’s life. Learn about the consequences of not handling them correctly and why sickness, infirmities and attacks sometimes return. 


The information in each course is to be studied in sequence because it builds upon the knowledge given in previous classes. In school, most students must take Algebra 1 before advancing to Algebra 2. They need the principles learned to complete work in the higher class. Though some of the teachings in the first course may be a review for you, there may be a few facts you need to review as you continue into the deeper levels of understanding. 

Connecting More with Jesus

In addition to these classes core classes based around the Courts, the Lord has urged us to create courses to help you come into a deeper relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The following courses are under construction.

501 - Secret Place

It is the Lord's wish to meet with His bride in the Secret Place. This course will reveal hidden mysteries in the Word of God about meeting with the Lord.

601 - Narrow Path

Continue learning so that you can remain on the Narrow Path. This course contains information about God's ways unrelated to the CoH, including Dreams & Visions.

Our Team

The CoH Academy operates under the principles of Matthew 10:8, for this reason, we are largely a volunteer organization. Many of those who have found a breakthrough in the CoH Academy have joined Agape Christian Fellowship, the online church which oversees the school. As part of the Agape team, they assist here in the Academy.

The Agape Christian Fellowship board oversees both the church and the school. See more information about the board of directors on the Agape Christian Fellowship Agape "About" page.

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