Secret Place

The Bible is full of scriptures that speak about "the Secret Place." This is a private spot in Heaven where we can meet with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God. This course will:


  • Define the Secret Place according to scripture

  • Clearly reveal God's will for His children to meet with Him

  • Show the steps to entering the Secret Place

  • Explain what may hinder us from meeting with Jesus

In order to visit with Jesus, we must be able to hear from God through the Holy Spirit. The core classes for the Courts of Heaven will help you find and clear anything blocking you from hearing more. As we grow in our relationship with the Lord we will hear more!

Growing Fast

Feeding your spirit with scriptures can really help you grow. The church organizing this school, Agape Christian Fellowship, has several live meetings to help:

Morning Prayers

Lynn shares her prayers with you, first thing as she has her morning coffee.  (Live and recorded on Facebook)


Strengthening to Your Spirit

Team members will read scriptures out loud, over your spirit. (Live on the free app Zoom)

Weekly Agape Fellowship Meeting 

Lynn brings a message each week about what God is saying. (Live and recorded on Zoom)


  • The recordings of these meetings are also available in our Facebook group: Agape CoH Family

We pray God will richly bless you and help you to grow as you do this course. To begin, click on the first "class" in this "course." They should be done in the correct order, the information builds upon itself. 

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Meditation &
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in the SP