What is God saying in your dreams? What does it sound like when Satan speaks to us? 

There is a blessing to studying the last book in the Bible. Come and receive that today!

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Classes to help leaders get free more quickly.


Academy Courses


Courses are organized with classes based on one topic. There are four courses necessary to understand the Courts of Heaven. 


​​101- 401 Courts of Heaven (CoH)


Other courses to help you strengthen and deepen your relationship with God: 


501 Secret Place: Seeing Jesus Face to Face 

601 Dreams: Understanding the gift of interpretation.

701 Revelation: Daniel's week, and the Tribulation.

Leaders, Teachers, Intercessors (LTI) Course

If you are operating in one of the ministry offices: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, or Teacher or if you are a prayer warrior intercessor,  harsher attacks from the enemy may be upon you, your children, or your finances. 

We have selected the necessary Academy classes to address the cause of the attacks upon those on the front lines in God’s army to get you out of harm's way sooner. These are not extra classes, they are simply the advanced classes that you should have the skills and knowledge to understand before going through the entire Academy so that you can receive immediate relief from attacks.